Gen 6 ZL1 1LE Canards

Regular Price: $284.00
SALE PRICE: $269.06

Upgrade your Gen6 Zl1 to the track warrior 1LE. The ZL1 1LE Front Canards  brings the track proven look it deserves. Made in TEO Plastic and comes with a textured finish which combines quality and durability for functional support to all Camaro racers. This front end addition will set your Zl1 apart from the competition, and turn heads driving down the freeway. 


The Camaro ZL1 1LE dive planes are purpose designed parts to  produce grip-generating downforce to help the car stick harder and drive faster in turns.



Driver Side Bezel

Driver Side Canard

Driver Side Install Template

Passenger Side Bezel

Passenger Side Canard

Passenger Side Install Template

Mounting Hardware


Enhanced aerodynamic performance.

Manufactured in TEO plastic

Installs on Gen6 Front Zl1 Fascia's

Comes with side winglets and required hardware